Mr. Woolley is an exceptional attorney. His dedication to his clients is unparalleled. He went to every extent to seek a favorable resolution for me and took his time to thoroughly explain the possible outcomes in order to allow me to make a truly informed decision. Displays a level of integrity and commitment to human rights that is rare. I absolutely recommend him if you are seeking a highly competent and respectable attorney – you won’t find one better than Mr. Woolley!

– Anonymous

I really appreciate mr. Woolley and his professionalism. It was hard for me to compose myself and watch my friend being, mistreated and judged wrongly in my opinion, while she sat helplessly as her family had been torn apart. Mr. Wooly took care of business properly for myself and I would seek him and his services anytime i am in need.all i can say is know your rights.thank you again for being there for me when the cards were without a doubt stacked against me.

– Anonymous

I have worked in court rooms for a number of years and can say that this man is dedicated to his clients. He is a powerful figure in the court room. He knows his law. Do your homework and hire the woolley law firm!!! Don’t risk your freedom. Five star

– Anonymous

I can’t say enough about how great lyonel was! He was professional and passionate about law and a persons right to have fair judgments.

– Anonymous

Above and beyond! Thank you! Our family deeply appreciates all the effort you put into everything you did.. I witnessed how good you were in court for others, that is what lead to me want to retain your services. Anyone that watched you in court would be impressed as well. I would recommend you to any friend or family member in the future!! I’ve already referred you to numerous people and I’m confident they will be as pleased as I am.

– Anonymous

Mr. Woolley is an amazing defense attorney. He empathizes with his clients and is very unbiased. He puts on the time and care into your case. He’ll do everything in his power to prove your innocence and make sure you have s fair trial. He’s reliable, easy to keep in touch with, honest. He cares about his clients. I never met a lawyer, let alone a public defender that cares so much. I strongly recommend him to anybody and everybody.

– Deondre

In June of 2013 I had my life turned upside down and had to hire a Criminal Attorney. I called all over the Lansing area and spoke with a lot of attorneys. I then called The Woolley Law Firm and scheduled an appointment. That was the very best decision I have ever made. Right from the start Mr. Woolley informed me of my rights and the entire office treated me like family. They were very knowledgeable and clearly explained the process and what to expect, I was prepared. I called a lot, and all my calls were either taken or returned and was always treated with respect and all of my questions answered in a timely manner. I am very happy that I hired Lyonel E. Woolley.

– Sony

The Woolley Law Firm is like a family to me . I always put them in my prayers. I have prior experience with lawyers, but with them I saw professionalism , humanism, and action at the right times. They never declined any of my requests, they treated me with respect and humility. My experience with them, could not have been better. I hope others like me can find a lawyer like Lyonel E. Woolley.

– Lamar

Mr. Woolley is the most dedicated, reserved, and powerful attorney that I have ever seen . . . He ran the Court Room. My family and I were blown away. He laid down the facts and we received everything that we could hope for!

– Perez

My attorney, Lyonel E. Woolley, is awesome! He spent the time in preparation and researching the issues of my case. He does his homework and then does a stellar job in presenting everything to the court. I highly recommend him to anyone in need of legal counsel.

– Maxo


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