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Human Rights Law: To Keep You Safe and Preserve Your Rights

Human Rights

Some immigrants come here to work and others to join family. Many reasons are economic and offer uncertainty, but there are some who look to escape danger to their lives and property.

Many arrive in the United States looking to escape threats to their life. They seek asylum to ensure that safety. Unfortunately, the process can be the most difficult even though it can also end with dire consequences.

The Woolley Law Firm, PLLC in its role as a human rights advocate looks primarily to protect your well-being. Our knowledge of international law and American asylum procedure can help preserve your rights and keep you safe during this difficult time.

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Guidance and Advocacy for Asylum Seekers

Those seeking asylum in the United States must meet three basic requirements first:

  • Fear of persecution in home country
  • Persecution arises from the individual’s race, religion, politics, social status or nationality
  • The individual’s government is either the source of the persecution or unable to stop it if it arises from private citizens

You must also arrive in this country first before making a formal request. Once you do so, you can apply for asylum, no matter your immigration status. You have one year to file the petition unless specific circumstances get in your way. While these factors can make the asylum process more difficult, it will not make it possible, as long as you have the right legal representation.

The Woolley Law Firm, PLLC, can craft a complete asylum petition to increase your chances of having it granted. As passionate defenders of human rights, we can help ensure empathy for your situation so the right decision is made on your behalf.

If you waited for more than a year or face removal procedures, we can examine your circumstances and do our best to find a solution—and keep you safe. There are options available and you will be informed of all them to help you make the best decision. We work hard to keep your situation hopeful.

Let Us Be Your Human Rights Advocates

There is no doubt that the world is becoming more threatening and violent with people facing death through no fault of their own. No one deserves to fall victim to this and if being in the U.S. will keep you and your family safer, you find a dedicated advocate with The Woolley Law Firm, PLLC.

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